Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Festival in Aggius, Sardinia

Sunday October 3rd 2010

Recently, I, my wife and our friends, were fortunate to attend this ancient religious festival in the remote village of Aggius, high in the mountains of northern Sardinia.

It was an extremely colourful and entrancing spectacle, with many locals in traditional costumes. There were bands, flags and some amazingly well groomed horses. The village children were all dressed in very elaborate, intricately embroidered outfits, which had obviously taken hours of painstaking work. It was a gloriously sunny day, which added to the sense of occasion and put everyone in a good mood.

As definite tourists, who were as rare and conspicuous among the locals as turkeys in a crowd of peacocks,  we were nonetheless, made to feel very welcome. Everyone tolerated our prying cameras and one kind soul shared with us glasses of the local wine.

All in all, it was a very unique and memorable experience. I hope the photos give some sense of this wonderful event.   


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