Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cocky Vince Cable: The traitor at the Cabinet Table

Here we see Vince (The Viper) Cable leaving No 10, Downing Street, which, if Cameron had any balls and Cable had any honour, would certainly be for the last time.

Guilty of hubris of the highest order, Vince has revealed himself to be both arrogant and foolish, a toxic mix of failings for a senior politician.

I had high hopes for Vince, and thought he may have been blessed with both integrity and common sense, a combination of virtues so rare in public life, that on reflection, I was obviously foolishly over optimistic to imagine Vince possessed them.

They say that 'power corrupts.' Unfortunately, in Vince's case, it also made him vain and stupidly loquacious when his views were sought by two young giggling female Telegraph reporters, posing as impressionable constituency acolytes hanging eagerly upon his every word.

The consequences of his unguarded arrogance and stupidity, are not simply his own personal humiliation and loss of public respect, but the squandering of a genuine opportunity to curb the avaricious media ambitions of Rupert Murdoch, who will now, probably be given the green light to buy 100% of BSkyB.  

Shame on you Mr Cable. You have done yourself, and our Nation, a very great disservice.

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